Exploring the Future Through Speculative Co-Design at Futurium in Berlin

David Weigend
Economist, Design Thinker at “Futurium gGmbH“, Berlin

David Weigend is head of “Reallabor” at “Futurium” in Berlin. This newly-created institution is dedicated to questions of the future and will provide an interactive and participatory space in order to conceive alternative futures. In his talk, David Weigend focuses on the methodology of speculative design and its significance for shaping the upcoming exhibition of Futurium. Speculative design explores the potential consequences of scientific, technological, and social innovations. The aim of speculative design is the development of provocative prototypes for future products, systems, and services. Therefore, it combines informed speculation and technology foresight with a deep consideration of the cultural landscape.


The talk will be held in English language.