What are the differences and similarities in design education today? What challenges do we face in terms of global issues and big transformations – and what does this mean in regional context?

We are interested in discussing those issues with both partners from Israel and from our network of European partners. Considering the common history, Israel and Germany are highly connected in many ways. The exchange between Israel and Germany in the field of Design is higher than ever.

Together with our partners from Israel, Bezalel, COMAS, HIT and Shenkar, we want to explore this broad topic and take a closer look to design education in Israel, current thematic emphasises, emerging curricular and didactic concepts to find similarities and differences in both countries.

We are looking forward to a 20 minute talk by each institution, in order to share experiences and ideas.


May 29, 2018

Philipp Heidkamp and Wolfgang Laubersheimer

12:40 – talk 1
Design Voices – Speaking Outside of the Community
Ayelet Karmon and Moria Yael

13:10 – talk 2
Design Anthropology: The Multi-Tool Bridging Theory
and Practice in Design Pedagogy
Jonathan Ventura

13:40 – talk 3
Design the Education Design
David Rawet

14:10 – talk 4
Between the Global and the Local:
Design Education in the Gallery Space
Yael Eylat Van-Essen

coffee break

15:00 – talk 5
Complex Problem-Solving Process as a Generator
for New Academia.
Carmella Jacoby-Volk and Efrat Yedid Ben Ezra

15:30 – talk 6
Designing Innovations for Transformations in Society:
A Critical Perspective
Gordon Hush

16:00 – talk 7
The Copenhagen School: Matters and Concerns in Relation to Contemporary Design Education
Eva Brandt and Tine Kjølsen

16:00 – talk 8
Case-Study, from Teaching Sustainable Design
to Implementation
Inken Krevet and Maurille Lariviere

Panel Discussion – moderated by
Philipp Heidkamp and Wolfgang Laubersheimer

May 30, 2018

Students‘ Perspectives
Leon Schniewind, Naja Schulz
and Neta Prizant
short coffee break

(speakers only) – moderated by
Lisa Janßen, Philipp Heidkamp and
Wolfgang Laubersheimer
room 11



  • Address Ubierring 40
  • City Köln
  • State / Province NRW
  • Post Code 50678
  • Country Deutschland

Date 29. May 2018 - 30. May 2018

Time 12:30 pm - 12:30 pm