The project “sonogrid“ by KISD students Oliver Köneke and Moritz Wallasch and KISD alumni Dorothee Clasen and Sascha Praet has received the jury’s “Special Mention“ at this year’s 3D-Printing Design Award. “sonogrid“, a project in KISD’s area of expertise “Design for Manufacturing“, is thus one of overall five honored projects among 18 final national and international contest participants of 2016’s “purmundus challenge“ featuring the key topic of “mobility and mobile user“.

The project work “sonogrid“ analyzes and presents possible options for acoustic noise insulation of highly frequented public spaces. The 3D-imprinted, coarse-meshed fabric and its pyramid-like structure absorbs/breaks sound and generally improves the acoustics of the room. The solution combines the use of textiles for noise insulation with the benefits of rapid manufacturing. The stretched material is imprinted by fused filament fabrication and forms a three-dimensional structure when in a relaxed state. 3D-printing also allows structures to be produced in different sizes, alignments, and patterns. This allows the product to be tailored as much as possible to local requirements. This pattern can be adjusted to suit the spatial conditions on location because it is easy to trim and can also be applied to irregular surfaces. 3D-printing technology also allows the material to be printed on site in a flexible, customisable manner.
You will find a short video presentation of “sonogrid“ here:

Competition and Jury:
Since 2012, the “purmundus challenge“ honors innovative products and projects which are pioneering in the area of 3D-printing. The 2016 jury consisted of: Christoph Behling (Christoph Behling Design Ltd.), Mark Braun (Studio Mark Braun), Isabelle Fröhlich (Volkswagen AG), Dr. Alexander Hildebrandt (Festo AG & Co. KG), Andreas Pany (Ernst Strassacker GmbH & Co. KG), Graham Tromans (G P Tromans Associates), and Prof. Dali Sun (Beijing University of Technology).