In the summer term of 2017, KISD students had the opportunity to attend several project sessions in the context of the project series of “Vehicle Concepts“ of the KISD area of expertise “Design for Manufacturing“ in a joint and interdisciplinary cooperation with the Faculty of Automotive Systems and Production of TH Köln. As the umbrella topic of the project series served the idea of “Interfaces of Mobility“ (detailed description below).

In “Vehicle Concepts“, students primarily dealt, under the supervision by Prof. Dr. Tom Tiltmann of TH Köln and his staff, with the development of sensors, software, and hardware in order to put to the test different approaches on the topic of autonomous driving. On the one hand, the imaginative vehicle cover was supposed to constitute the vehicle’s outline, on the other hand, it was, through its open structure, designed for being emblematic for conventional chassis design. Thus, it should represent the fact that we still deal with a “traditional“ vehicle while conventional chassis design is currently in massive transformation or even in dissolution. Apart from the stylish appearance, the significant ruptures in the vehicle body have practical benefits enabling the different sensors to provide undistorted measuring values. The pictures show the project at laboratory stage. The vehicle model is at full functioning capacity, is electrically driven, and serves as a presentation model for the acquisition of third-party research funds.
Among the participants, KISD students Jill Pasch and Martin Schneider were major contributors to the successful launching of the draft as well as to its implementation through 3D-printing.

Participants: Jill Pasch, Martin Schneider, Michael Barion, Pierre Ramaekers, Miguel Lobato, Arthur Nagel
Semester: Summer term 2017
Project: Mid-term project
Supervised by Prof. Hatto Grosse (Design for Manufacturing), in cooperation with the Faculty of Automotive Systems and Production of TH Köln
Realized project result done by KISD students Jill Pasch, Martin Schneider

Research focus “Interfaces of Mobility“: The 2014 launched research focus “Interfaces of Mobility“ is a joint program by various researchers and disciplines of TH Köln and consists of Prof. Michael Frantzen, Prof. Hatto Grosse, Prof. Volker Stölting, Prof. Tom Tiltmann, Prof. Klaus Groß, Prof. Inken Lind, and Prof. Toni Viscido. The research focus deals with the identification and implementation of new ideas, concepts, and approaches in order to successfully contribute to the topic of “future mobility“.

Pictures: KISD photo studio, Michaela Patschurkowski