The project “Mono Cut“ dealt with the design of knives – in particular with the essence of the blade, the essence of cutting, and with the meaning and perception of cutting in general. One of the project’s objectives was the cooperation with a Solingen-based manufacturer of steel goods with the project overall entitled “Save the Solingen Steel Industry“.

The project’s participants were assigned to envisage traditional production patterns as possible resolutions as well as to incorporate “out-of-the-box-thinking“ for their research findings, for instance taking into account the 3D-CAD technique in order to point out completely alternate production steps and stages.. Thus, “Mono Cut“was designed to question conventional approaches of traditional production techniques. The students‘ drafts were thus designed for the process of the technique of laser sintering of metal. A prerequisite for the latter is the presence and availability of metal powder which is to be hardenable following the sintering technique. 

Participants: Hasan Kaya, Aron Pfaffenholz, Linda Strahl, Mayara Lafratta, Nadim Schrenk, Jean Pierre Brungs, Victoria Meier-Menzel, Benjamin Breuer, Moritz Plöns

Term: Sommer term 2018 

Project: Long-term project 

Supervised by Prof. Hatto Grosse (Design for Manufacturing)

Sample images done by KISD student Hasan Kaya