The Museum Ludwig's "Long Thursday" has recently been redesigned by KISD student Paul Meierkord. The concept was developed in a project under the direction of Professor Michael Gais in winter semester 2023/24.

On “Long Thursday”, the Museum Ludwig opens its doors until 10 pm alongside many other Cologne museums. Every first Thursday of the month, Cologne residents who are registered here can visit various museums for free. The Museum Ludwig invites you to linger on “Long Thursday”, offering talks and readings on this special day in addition to the current exhibitions.

The Museum Ludwig event was advertised in the same look for around eight years until a new design was created in the winter semester 23/24 in collaboration with KISD. Under the direction of Prof Michael Gais, 17 students each created a complete, cross-media design concept. The museum then decided in favour of Paul Meierkord’s design, which has now been in use for several weeks. Among other things, Paul Meierkord developed posters in four different languages and corresponding colours. The posters have been on display in underground stations and on advertising pillars in the city of Cologne over the past few weeks.


His concept of calling the “Long Thursday” “LADO” from now on is recognizable across all media and strongly characterizes the new design. The four large letters form the basic building block of the design, regardless of the medium. In addition to the posters, there are also adaptations for stickers, Instagram, Facebook and the museum’s website. Further adaptations for various media will follow in the near future.


Project participants

Aysha Heuer, Aileen Sanchez, Beatriz Simões, Camila Jesinghaus Lustosa, Dustin Leenen, Felix Klei, Jakob Greven, Hikari Hamasaki, Hanna Sokolova, Jade Lacerda Teodulo, Lisa Nikelowski, Lisa Blömeke, Masha Kuzmina, Michael Steinschulte, Paul Meierkord, Rina de Vries, Sahra Vogel, Timm Sonnenschein