In summer semester 2022, a flexible space format was created within the research cooperation of the Köln International School of Design and the Innovation Office of the City of Cologne @stadtkoeln. The format shall enable the citizens of Cologne to actively participate in the design of their city.

The mobile Pop Up Lab is an excellent example of how service design can be used to promote citizen participation in the city of Cologne @stadtkoeln. The result of the project is a modular system that covers a wide range of participation in different locations in the city.

The students began their research by examining existing civic participation processes in the city of Cologne and spatial participation formats in other cities around the world. On this basis, they developed various ideas that were tested, modified, and refined. The project uses both systematic methods of citizen participation and newly developed tools.


Birgit Mager

Project Supervision
Janina Rösch and Anastasia Bondar

Anne Kleine Vennekate, Chiara Annerose Schröder, Johanna Hoods, Jana Valentina Hortian, Joanna Caroline Blusch, Katrina Hoff  mann, Katie Joanne Bornheim, Lisa Blömeke, Maxime Laika Charlotte Ridzewski, Raphael Yasin Morsi, Nils Benjamin Selman, Polina Toumey, Viola Franziska Stein, Viktor Werbilo, Yue Ma

Further project partners

Innovation office of the city of Cologne

05.04.2022 – 20.05.2022

Photos © Lisa Blömeke