For the first time, the International Week @ KISD is taking place this summer semester. It is open for bachelor and master students of Köln International School of Design as well as students of our partner universities Aalto, Politecnico di Milano and University of Aveiro.

The main idea of this event is to open to international experimental project work, (ex)changing perspectives and views as well as discussing design education and learning from each other. The week is organized as a blended intensive programme which is a new format in ERASMUS that enables short blended collaborations of at least three universities.

From May 22 to 26, five different short-term projects will take place dealing with the overall topic of “DIGGING”, led by eight guest lecturers from Croatia, Finland, France, Italy and Israel.

Digging into our cultures, into soil, a brick into a wall. There are multiple options for digging in the field of design. We will try to explore some of them, change perspectives of design(ers), use the power of observation and work with our hands. Stimulating international and interdisciplinary exchange and offering an informal platform for discussing design education.

Part of the International Week are KISDtalks and guided tours as well as smaller activities in the workshops at KISD. The KISDtalks and Friday Presentations are open to the public.

Please join us at the


May 22 10 AM in Room 11 at KISD
Welcome and Opening of the International Week
Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig, President TH Köln
Prof. Dr. Regina Urbanek, Dean


May 23, 5:30 PM at Schanzenstraße 22, Code & Context OPEN SPACE

“Creatures – Creative Practices For Transformational Futures”
by Andrea Botero Cabrera, Aalto

May 24, 5:30 PM room 11 at KISD

“Sustainable Colour Design Strategies”
by Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic, University of Chile
(“Re)approaching cinematic space as an archive”
by Ivana Fabrio, Nina Bačun, University of Zagreb

Friday Presentations

May 26, 11 AM, room 11 at KISD

Presentation of projects developed during the International Week
Rooms and programme to be announced