KISD International

Design processes and artefacts are locally and globally effective. Hence, KISD pursues a determined strategy of internationalization – cross-cultural phenomena and processes covering projects with international partners and guests. … more

A total share of currently 40% of international students, as well as an international cooperation with more than 45 schools of design, and a close network of strategic partners inside and outside Europe, reflects our strong ambitions of an internationally-shaped student life at KISD. Professors from partner universities enrich the courses of study at KISD by holding many international projects, and the KISDtalks lecture series. But internationality also means collaborating with other design universities beyond just exchanging students. Noteworthy in this area are the IxP-Projects (International Exchange Projects), in which students who have successfully finished their intermediate diploma can take part in. The KISD has a worldwide network of partner universities through which it offers it´s students a wide range of exchange opportunities. You can get more information about partner universities and international projects of the KISD on request contacting our International Relations Officer.

Prospective Students from abroad (Bachelor / Master)

If you’ve completed your graduate degree in a foreign country and are interested in full-time study at the KISD (BA or MA with degree), you may find more information regarding the application procedure along with the courses of study here for BA and here for MA. Furthermore, the International Office of the TH Köln answers some of the frequently asked questions about certificates, language skills and living in Cologne.

After clarifying these questions, you also have to make sure to meet the subject-specific requirements like internships and qualifying examinations, as well as technical qualifications in case of applicants for a master-degree-course.

After passing the qualifying examination at KISD, International students must also apply over the uni-assist program. Applications for higher semesters do not need to go through this process again. The application procedure at Uni Assist is not free of charge and may take some time.

Exchange Students / ERASMUS-Students

If you’re from a partner-university of KISD, you can study up to two semesters at Cologne as an exchange or ERASMUS student. Here, you will find answers to many of the common questions asked by exchange students. If you’ve got any further questions, you can always contact the International Cooperation Center at KISD.

KISD students planning to study abroad

We always support and motivate our students to study at least one semester abroad. With over 45 partner universities worldwide, KISD has a very good network which offers its students a wide range of educational possibilities. You can find more information about how to include one or two semesters abroad in your studies here. The International Cooperation Center is always happy to give you advice and help you with your search for the right partner university.

Unfortunately there are not any KISDinternational yet.