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Student Winners Now Awarded

On July 3, KISD – Köln International School of Design hosted the award ceremony of a cooperation project between KISD’s area of expertise “Image and Motion“ and the official wine association of the French region Chablis – the “Bureau Interprofessionelle des Vins de Bourgogne (BIVB)“.

In the summer term, 14 students in the project “Visual Music – Chablis: Purity and Minerality“ had been for three months assigned to produce to launch a video competition on so called abstract Visual Music pieces. The topic was “Purity & Minerality” – in the context of Chablis vines – and was stylistically all about highly aesthetical concepts, artistic storytelling, and abstract stagings of images in synergy with sound.

Now, in early July, the winners were announced: the first prize (1000€) was awarded to Hendrik Hajo Vohs and Dominik Schmitz for their concept “Distant Recognition: A visual journey to the heart of Chablis“, ranked second place (500€) were Alejandro Mirena and Clara Emma Fee Schramm for their work “La Métamorphose“, the third prize (250€) went to João Coutinho and Hei Wa Wang for their visual music piece of “The Framed Sommelier“.

The results will be used for the PR and communication strategy for the famous French wine association of the renowned Chablis wine. The three winning Visual Music teams will be furthermore presented in the culinary magazine “Fallstaff“.

The project was supervised by KISD professor Nina Juric together with Felix Koziol, who also decided to give a special KISD prize for “successful failure of high potential originality“ which went to Christoph Beckers and Johannes Mechler.