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Prof. Nina Juric

Guest Lecturer(s)

Michael Titze, Pfadfinderei (Berlin)


Image and Motion


A project initiated by Prof. Nina Juric in collaboration with Michael Titze / Pfadfinderei, Berlin

For the The Motion Experience Lab #02, Prof. NJU invited a good old VJ-fellow: Michael Titze from Pfadfinderei, Berlin. He is a motion designer, visual artist and a part of the Berlin collective Pfadfinderei. For five years he is touring the world with famous artists. Apart from the projects in his studio in Berlin, the focus on live-shows has changed in recent years. During this workshop, we fundamentally dealt with the scope of VJing and its context, with the topic of Visual Music in general and especially with the video loop as a designed performance module. We discussed the structure of a liveperformance and transferred it to our own applications. Furthermore, each group created video loops and integrated them conceptually into their own stories and performances.

In addition unconventional paths, research results and motion experiments also played a role in this process. Once we have determined the basics, we wanted to look at more specific questions such as video mapping, sound synchronicity and midi mapping. In the end we discussed and evaluated the results in a friday presentation. The goal of the workshop was to gain the ability to understand the fundamentals of a live performance as a VJ, to create the necessary and bring the whole set into a performative form including extensive documentation.

An intensive oneweek Visual Music project crediting the following students for their live performances: Andrea Egidi & Alessandra Facchini for ‘Odyssey’ / Alan Chismechian & Léonie Spachtholz for ‘The Lightbulbs’ / Ashley Nicole Morgan & Antonio Canu for ‘Tiny Adults’ / Matthias Grund, Rui Han & Sebastian Miller for ‘Colour Loops’ / Heiwa Wong & Moritz Tontsch for ‘Pensive’ / Stefanie Grawe & Nadja Gordina for ‘Light is Winning‘.

Find a cut up of the whole project edited and with music by Stefanie Grawe in the link collection. Additionally find each little live VJ performance documented.
Documentations of VJ live performance @ KISD, Dec. 2017

Find the following selected documentations to find out more:

Tiny Adults