On this page, you will find information for prospective students in the KISD Master program »Integrated Design Research«. We also inform you about the application procedure for KISD.

After your successful application at KISD, you will still need to complete several steps before your enrollment is finalized and you can start your studies at KISD. Here you find all information you need as well as your contact persons.

Coordinator International Master Program Integrated Design Research

Johanna Steindorf, Ph.D.

Department of International Affairs

If you have questions regarding the enrollment at TH Köln, please contact the Office of Student and Examination Services at Südstadt Campus via bewerbung@th-koeln.de.


Detailed information on the different steps of the application can be found here. If you are an international student, please note that you must first apply to uni-assist.


For further questions refer to our FAQ which is constantly updated.

Meet + Greet

The Meet + Greet online sessions inform you about the M.A. Program and give you the opportunity to ask questions about the study course, application process and life at KISD.

Visa information

Information about visa and residence permit for your studies in Germany can be found on TH Köln’s website: www.th-koeln.de/visa


Enrolling at TH Köln is only possible if you have submitted an application for admission through TH Köln’s campus management system (CaMS)and have been offered admission. You will receive your Letter of Admission through CaMS. It will provide information on the enrollment deadline and the documents required for your enrollment. As soon as you have received your Letter of Admission, you may start the online enrollment process in CaMS and upload your enrollment documents. Information on the payment of your semester fees is also provided during the online enrollment.

Find all details on the TH Köln website.

You can always get in touch with the colleagues from the Team International Degree-Seeking Students: https://www.th-koeln.de/en/international_office/department-of-international-affairs_77208.php

Health Insurance

In order to enroll at TH Köln, you will need health insurance for your studies in Germany. All information can be found here: www.th-koeln.de/health-insurance-for-internationals

Semester fees

For information about the regular semester fees which include a ticket (»MultiCa«) for public transport in Cologne and surroundings please check the website of TH Köln. After your personal enrollment you will receive your »MultiCa« card by post.


All Students enrolled at TH Köln receive a student ID card called »MultiCa«. It is a multifunctional smart card which gives you access to the university library, lockers, printers and copy machines.

New students enrolling at TH Köln are required to upload a photo for their student ID card as part of the online enrollment process and receive their MultiCa by mail free of charge.

When the MultiCa is validated, its chip is activated for the upcoming semester. Additionally, its validity is printed on the front side of the card. You can validate your card yourself at the following MultiCa station:

Südstadt Campus
Claudiusstraße 1, in the hallway in front of the Office of Student Services
Ubierring 48, in the entrance hall

Here you will find information specific to the start at KISD, including campusID, KISDspaces, Wifi and information on the course selection: https://kisd.de/en/study/information/freshmen/#Master-accordion

The Language Learning Center (SLZ) promotes multilingualism as a central key competence at TH Köln. It offers language learning opportunities for students, university staff and international applicants. In addition to interdisciplinary language courses, faculty-bound language learning courses are also designed in close cooperation with the faculties.

The Language Learning Center offers a wide range of courses in the following languages: Chinese, English, French, German as a Foreign Language, German Sign Language, Italian, Swedish and Spanish. All language modules and workshops are designed in accordance with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

For further information about our courses please contact: sprachlernzentrum@th-koeln.de

Course Selection

Please check the course catalogue to get to know the projects and seminars that are offered at KISD, but also the events that are especially organized for you as M.A. »Integrated Design Research« students.

Welcome Day

In the beginning of the winter term (usually mid September), there will be a Welcome Day for all the freshmen of the BA »Integrated Design« and M.A.»Integrated Design Research«. You will receive information about this via e-mail.

Design Exploration

At the start of the winter term you will participate in two introductory weeks, in which you get to know the campus, the labs, fellow students, the professors and you start working within your chosen cluster.

Regular projects and seminars start the week after the »Design Exploration«.