In a self-initiated joint project with the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, KISD students took over the art direction as well as the costume and set design for the movie “Face” by Albi Fouché.

Albi Fouché is currently studying at the Academy of Media Arts (Kunsthochschule für Medien). The short movie is his final project. Collaboration between Albi and KISD started in December 2020. Due to Corona filming started not before September 2021. KISD students took over the art direction and developed the visual concept of the film in collaboration with film director Albi. They were also responsible for the set design which included designing and building or organizing props and backdrops as well as costumes and make-up. Two KISD students assisted in the production management and coordinated the set construction.

“Face” is about Kimo, a young man from Ghana who lives in Germany. Kimo feels persecuted by a mysterious masked person and gets into trouble with German immigration authorities. The movie is about identity between two cultures, paranoia and affiliation, but also about everyday racism and cultural adaptation.



KISD-Students attending

Sam Akande (Production Design)

Citra Amongsari (Art Direction, Costume Design)

Luna Grüsgen (Art Direction, Production Design)

Lena Hess (Make-up)

Imran Odabasi (Production Design)

Jonas Osburg (Produktion Assistant)

Bea Timmermann (Costume Design)

Tamara Zgraggen (Produktion Assistant)


Kim Langbein

Joshua Berling