The key to impactful collaborations between the public sector and service design universities & programs

Service design is taught in BA/MA and PhD programs at around 350 universities worldwide, and many universities collaborate with the public sector in the field of service design. The research project »How to Public Sector?« under the direction of Prof. Birgit Mager and with the support of Paulina Porten and Katja Trinkwalder at the Köln International School of Design, TH Köln, aims to record and evaluate these collaborations. In the process, collaborations are collected, evaluated on a meta-level and systematized in order to derive case studies and recommendations for action. Finally, a publication and a conference will document the success factors and multiply the results of this research. Furthermore, this research will indirectly build and strengthen the network between service design programs.

Birgit Mager

Katja Trinkwalder and Paulina Porten

01.02.2023 – 01.12.2023

Pictures © Paula Porten