In the summer semester of 2023, the City of Cologne's Innovation Office and KISD worked together to create an exchange shelf and a chatbot that promote sustainable living in Cologne.

In cooperation with Cologne’s waste management company (AWB), the students analysed the services offered by Cologne’s recycling centres. Surveys and interviews revealed that the journey to the recycling centre is often too far and that many citizens lack information about waste separation and recycling options.

The students then developed the “Geben und Nehmen” exchange shelf. Neighbours can put items they no longer need on the shelf and take items they find useful. The prototype is currently being tested at Eierplätzchen in Cologne’s Südstadt and is regularly used by the neighbourhood.

A chatbot complements the service, answering questions about waste separation and recycling options. Appropriate offers and tips are displayed in a simple chat format. The long-term implementation of the exchange shelf is currently being prepared.

Prof. Birgit Mager

Project Supervision
Anastasia Bondar – Stadt Köln, Katja Trinkwalder – KISD

Aileen Estrada Sanchez, Carlos Rivera Pineda, Jonas Osburg, Laura Calisi, Mariano Iván Villa Rangel, Matilde Ramos, Mackenzie Conway, Melissa Mattos de Oliveira, Melina Joy Ives, Rina Cellarius, José Antonio Avila Villega

Project Partners
Innovationsbüro der Stadt Köln, AWB Köln

04.04.2023 – 29.07.2023

Further Sources
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