The research focus DITES of TH Köln investigates phenomena of digitalization, informatization and mediatization in social services, develops scenarios for a realistic application of digital technologies and contributes findings, questions and challenges to the scientific, professional-political and public discourse.

The influence of digital technologies on organizational processes and the interaction of professionals with clients is noticeably increasing in social fields. The work of the interdisciplinary research focus is centered on critical research into the effects of digital technology in the social sector and the development of socio-technical innovations. To this end, professors from the fields of philosophy, computer science, economics, information science, law, service design and social work team up to research together with academic staff and cooperation partners from practice and the sciences.

Prof. Birgit Mager, Prof. Dr. Isabel Zorn, Prof. Dr. Stefan Bente, Prof. Dr. Christian Kohls, Prof. Dr. Carmen Kaminsky, Prof. Dr. Luigi Lo Iacono, Prof. Dr. Hand Günter Lindner, Prof. Dr. Babette Brinkmann, Prof. Dr. Petra Werner and Prof. Dr. Amelie Duckwitz

Funded by
Ministry of Culture and Sciences of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia