As part of the research cooperation with the administration of the city of Cologne, the possibilities and limits of (digital) citizen  participation are explored. Based on the research results, different concepts for innovation and participation formats are being developed.

All research and development processes are based on the basic principles for innovation and digitization processes jointly defined for the work in the Cologne Future Lab. They are performed iteratively and with the active involvement of the city’s users. Within this framework, a moderation training, strategy workshops and the moderation and workshop tool »MeinungsMobil« have already been realized. The »MeinungsMobil« is a bicycle trailer suitable for on-the-road use for the implementation of participation processes. The overarching aim of this agreement is to consolidate the cooperation between the City of Cologne and the Service Design department at KISD.

Prof. Birgit Mager

Janina Rösch 

Project Partners
Stadt Köln – Referat für Strategische Steuerung / Team der Verwaltungsreform & Referat für Digitalisierung

Funded by
City of Cologne

2019 – 2022