Assistance for movement and resting phases with crutches

Walking with crutches is exhausting and taking a break causes additional physical exertion for crutch users: To search for a seat while feeling weak results instability and high insecurity.

The concept of a supplementary feature, which allows to sit down straight on the crutches, answers to this problematic situation. In the handles is a magnet and quick-release mechanisms inserted so they can be fixed together and pulled out. In one easy movement a seat can be extended spontaneously within seconds.

To sit down on the crutches is a casual leaning activity to relieve weight from arms and the torso. It is a cool resting position, in an upright posture and the person can use the hands freely. Leaning casually onto the walking aids replaces the exhausting search for a place to relax, eases up this energy-sapping situation and de-stresses crutch mobility. Casualness and independence change the situation.

This bachelor thesis deals with problems of longterm walking aid movement. Main emphasis is put on analyzing and designing effortlessness in terms of lightweight concepts and to simplify the operation.

Anuschka Heep
Bachelor of Arts Integrated Design