Topic of the project
In German society, one topic is becoming increasingly important: the feeling of loneliness. But talking about it is often a taboo. Contrary to stereotypes, loneliness is as individual as the people who experience it. One of the consequences can be social withdrawal. My project aims to focus on making this highly sensitive topic public, to inform people and to involve them emotionally.

The public installation
For the project, I designed two three-layered installation walls, that were exhibited in the city centre of Bonn. Depending on the perspective of the passersby, only one of the layers was visible. By changing the point of view, the second layer of the installation became visible. The contentual concept aimed to play with stereotypical and superficial ideas, associations and images, we often connect with loneliness and to question those in the second layer of the installation. In the second layer the people were involved interactively. Here they were encouraged to take one of the 45 percentres, that composed the second layer, to transform the installation and make the third layer visible.

The brochure
The passersby could take off a brochure from the installation wall, that contained lots auf emotionally edited information about loneliness in our society. The aim was to turn the attention on the issues, long-term loneliness can cause and how a public dialogue can make change happen.

Laura Clarissa Pestemer
Bachelor of Arts Integrated Design