Here, you will find information about the organizational structure at KISD and committees at KISD.

Heads of Management

Prof. Andreas Wrede  (Director)

Heads of Degree Program and Degree Courses

Prof. Jenz Großhans (Bachelor Integrated Design)

Dr. Elisabeth Kaliva; Prof. Andreas Wrede (Master Integrated Design Research)

Prof. Philipp Heidkamp (Bachelor/Master European Design)

Prof. Katrin Müller-Russo (Master Product Design and Process Development)

Equal Opportunity Commissioners at Faculty of Cultural Sciences

Prof. Iris Utikal (KISD)

Prof. Dr. Andrea Pataki-Hundt (CICS)

KISD Representatives in Faculty Council

Prof. Philipp Heidkamp (Vice Dean for Internationalisation)

Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler (Vice Dean for Research)

Prof. Jenz Großhans

Prof. Iris Urikal

Prof. Andreas Wrede 

Lisa Janßen

Julien Wolff

Committee of Instruction and Study

The Committee of Instruction and Study represents an important element in the quality concept of KISD. Among its tasks are evaluation and analysis of general instruction at KISD, analysis of further development measures for instruction and study, the elaboration on and the implementation of concepts based on new and innovative content and study measures, modules, programs and instruction techniques, the continuous advancement and improvement of existing instruction and study concepts, and the preparation, accompaniment, development of processes of accreditation. Members of the Committee are the respective heads and supervisors of degree courses, the persons in charge of development of degree courses and three student representatives appointed annually by the student board.

Daniela Meinhardt (Coordinator)

Prof. Michael Gais (Coordinator)

Dr. Elisabeth Kaliva;  Prof. Andreas Wrede (MA Integrated Design Research)

Prof. Philipp Heidkamp (BA/MA Study courses European Design)

Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler

Prof. Jenz Großhans (BA Integrated Design)

Lisa Janßen (International Cooperation Center)

Richard Jungkunz (Semester Planning)

Dr. Elisabeth Kaliva (Blended Studies)

Prof. Katrin Müller-Russo  (MA Product Design and Process Development)

Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig

Oezlem Gelgec (student representative)

Yvonne Lober (student representative)

Carolin Saddey (student representative)

Committee Research and Knowledge Transfer

As part and technique of research and creation, design oscillates between analysis and synthesis. It aims at making things tangible and concrete by development and solution processes for things that existed, prior to these processes, only as a possibility. Design challenges research since “it is defined by processes of tension as it changes between regular action and regular deviation from this, contains blurring and, yet, is still subject to precision, develops from spontaneous ideas and approaches, and therefore needs, at the same time, systematic elaborations” (Sabine Ammon, Eva Maria Froschauer, Editors, Wissenschaftliches Entwerfen, Scientific Creation, Munich 2013, p.18).

The Committee wants to redefine design as research process. Essential element for this to come true is that design needs to be mutually understood as design both as a research approach and research as a process of creation. Among the tasks of the committee are the development of design-relevant key topics and issues, the identification and communication of theoretical and design-specific and design-related research results, and the documentation of the potential and efficiency of the “Integrated Design” approach practiced at KISD.

International Committee

The International Committee (IC) is in the strategic and operative charge of the interdisciplinary topic of internationalization – thereby closely collaborating with the areas of teaching and research at our university. This encompasses the planning and the evaluation of international cooperations and joint projects. Besides the exchange of students, other levels of collaboration such as research projects, International Exchange Projects, conferences, or formats such as Winter Schools shall be arranged and coordinated. In order to foster further cooperation, we are in close contact with TH Köln and international associations such as Cumulus – with KISD as an active participant to continually strengthen and expand our network. Thus, the International Committee is a major contributor to increasing and strengthening KISD’s international profile and visibility.

Committee Communication

Prof. Andreas Wrede (Coordinator)

Prof. Philipp Heidkamp

Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler

Dr. Elisabeth Kaliva

Daniela Meinhardt

Michelle Schopen

Bea Timmermann (student representative)

Can Yildiran (student representative)

Committee Quality and Process Optimizing

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for the general budget of KISD and assigning the financial and tangible means of KISD in the context of the annual report and ratification of the respective budget plan.

Clemens Wahlig (Coordinator)

Prof. Philipp Heidkamp

Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler

Prof. Nina Juric

Birgit Pawelzik

Stefan Terlinden

Can Yildiran (student representative)

Maxime Ridzeski (student representative)

Committee on Measures for Quality Improvement

The Committee on Measures for Quality Improvement (MQI) marks another important element within the overall quality and finance concept of KISD, which builds upon engagement and commitment of all parties involved. The committee elaborates documents and papers for later decisions by TH Köln for further financial means within the so called MQI-budget of TH Köln. Members of the Committee are the Dean of KISD, four representatives of professors and employees appointed by the respective board, and five representatives of students appointed by their respective student board.

Prof. Michael Gais (Coordinator)

Prof. Jenz Großhans

Prof. Andreas Wrede

Lisa Janßen

Jutta Meisel (student representative)

Anton Ullmann  (student representative)

Maxime Ridzweski (student representative)

Lukas Ruppert (student representative)

Julien Wolff (student representative)

Examinations Board

Prof. Michael Gais (Coordinator)

Prof. Iris Utikal (Deputy Coordinator)

Prof. Philipp Heidkamp

Prof. Jenz Großhans

Daniela Meinhardt

Ionna Gkanidou (student representative)

Maxime Ridzweski (student representative)