The interdisciplinary project »Open Universities – City of Participatory Visions« investigates practices of inclusion and exclusion of digital social networks in urban spaces as well as their potential for the production of knowledge.

How do digital technologies, data streams and information influence society and its urban spaces? What urban realities are created by them? How are these realities perceived and reflected by citizens, residents and city users? How can they contribute towards the genesis of new knowledge practices and forms of participation? What new spaces of shared learning do they open up? How can universities be organized differently and demand creative participation in the city, society and politics? The discussions stimulated by this lead to the question of the future of knowledge and participation in the post-disciplinary age as well as the possibilities of ›un-learning‹ old European forms and practices of understanding and describing the world and of rethinking methods of knowing, criticizing and designing.

Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler, TH Köln and Prof. Dr. Stefan Kramer, University of Cologne

Dr. Martin Müller, University of Cologne, Daniela Meinhardt, Mario Frank and Julian Hoffmann, TH Köln; Simon Meienberg, Fellow of the Research Training Group »anschließen – ausschließen« funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Project Partners
University of Cologne

Funded by
RheinEnergie Foundation

01.03.2021 – 28.02.2024

Seminar Glossar zu Praktiken des experimentellen Lernens, Summer Term 21
Collaborative Project at former Güterbahnhof Ehrenfeld Open Universities – Open Stages, Summer Term 22
Campus for one day at the Hallen Kalk Open Universities – Wie wollen wir lernen?, Summer Term 22
Exhibition & Protest Lab at Ebertplatz »Chile Despertó« – Räume des Protests, Summer Term 22
Photo Installation in Wasserwerk Severin II Infrastrukturen im Wartestand, Summer Term 22
Collaborative Project with Kunsthaus KAT 18 Cologne »Schutz – Räume, Tiere, Objekte«, Winter Term 22/23
Collaborative Project »Feminist City« with FrauenMediaTurm / Decolonize Cologne e.V. (Dr. Johanna Steindorf), Winter Term 22/23

Image: Urban Intervention in the project »The Invisible City« at the Ebertplatz of Cologne by Carolin Höfler