On November 14, 2023, a Book & Journal Release Event will take place at KISD - Köln International School of Design at TH Köln. Two new publications will be presented in readings and celebrated afterwards: The new KISD online journal »rrrreflect - Journal for Integrated Design Research« and the open access anthology »Attending [to] Futures: Matters of Politics in Design Education, Research, Practice«, which emerged from a KISDconference of the same name.

KISD’s research work forms the basis for »rrrreflect – Journal for Integrated Design Research«, which will be published both as a web-based online publication and as a downloadable PDF document. »rrrreflect« will publish articles on design topics that provide an insight into the many facets of the interdisciplinary course »Integrated Design / Research« and present the various forms of teaching and research at KISD. The journal contains selected essays from final theses, project presentations and research reports written and designed by KISD students and faculty.

Acknowledging the ways in which design (as practices, forms of knowledge, and sets of objects) is accountable for ongoing social and environmental injustices, the open access anthology »Attending [to] Futures: Matters of Politics in Design Education, Research, Practice«, edited by Johanna Mehl and Carolin Höfler (Hamburg: adocs Publisher) contains contributions that envision alternative ways of exploring and designing more livable futures. Attending to these futures requires a reckoning with a multiplicity of actors and contexts, from institutional norms and regulations, to pedagogies, curricula, programs, digital tools, infrastructures, and architectural environments. Last but not least, attention is drawn to the mechanisms and protocols by which these futures are imagined and shaped. This includes critically examining the ways in which design is talked about, taught, and learned in order to empower future designers to engage with the political issues, cultural conditions, and social and environmental implications of their work.

The readings and discussions will be followed by a get-together with drinks and snacks.

Venue: Köln International School of Design der TH Köln | Ubierring 40 | 50678 Köln
Room 11
Date: 5:30 pm

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler, Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig, Johanna Mehl, Maria Eduarda Juliano Barroso, Lara Marlen Fabrizia Benz, Fabian Georg Blum, Sander Eide, Robert Rolf Halbach, Emilie Nathalie Laura Junge, Jood Khayal, Tobias Kierdorf, Yvonne Lober, Clara Catherine Monastirsky, Linnea Liv Müller, Evrim Oezgür Yilmaz

Photos: KISD Photo Studio, Patrick Schwarz