Starting point for the project in summer term 2016 at KISD was the textual and technical analysis and exploration of movements of a horse. Principles of a horse’s natural locomotor system were hereby transformed into first kinetic studies and, subsequently, into large-scale spatial installations.

In addition to the exploration of mechanical principles of automated motion, the project also involved the design of formal-aesthetic parameters for the final sculptures. In doing so, KISD students used low-tech materials and experimented with movement and mechanics. The project was also intended to explore potentials of kinetic structures beyond purely functional purposes.

KISD professor Andreas Muxel, supervising the project, says: “We are looking forward to presenting our results at Dortmund FAVORITEN festival. For students, it was interesting to acknowledge and directly apply the cooperative aspects of this project, for example, apart from the mere design-specific approach to the large-scale kinetic installations, collaborating with partners from different backgrounds and finally preparing and presenting the exhibition.“

The project was presented at the Dortmund FAVORITEN theater and arts festival 2016. KISD was hereby closely cooperating with renowned dance and performance group “Billinger & Schulz“ and exhibited kinetic installations, final sculptures, bodies and objects via dance, movement, and design: a mechanical horse was marching on the spot, sheets were hovering in midair, spots of light couldn’t stop galloping up and down. Distinctions blured, what was object, what subject, and distinct patterns of classification and interpretation of the past, present, and future did evaporate.
Apart from Dortmund FAVORITEN festival, the project results and performances of “Absent Horse“ were also exhibited at REWORK Düsseldorf from October 7 to October 9.