People with disabilities continue to face exclusion in the cultural sector. A digital, accessible cultural platform is intended to bundle accessible cultural offerings and present them in a structured manner. The project works in a participatory manner from different perspectives to develop prototypes for this platform.

People with disabilities still experience far-reaching exclusions in the cultural sector. Depending on the perspective of their disability, they have only limited and completely different access to cultural offerings, both qualitatively and quantitatively. In order to achieve a sustainable, system-changing opening, it is urgently necessary to develop cultural offerings that take into account specific needs in their accessibility and to publish them in a bundled and easy-to-find manner. Information on accessible cultural events should be available at a glance to both those working in the cultural sector and those interested in it. As a tool for this, a digital, barrier-free platform for culture should be created on which accessible cultural offerings for people with disabilities can be found centrally and in a structured manner.

Together with the inclusion experts from Un-Label, prototypes for partial aspects of this future platform were developed within the project. The work was conducted in collaboration with people with different disability perspectives.

Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig, Prof. Dr. Laura Popplow

Ali Dilekci, Annika Lara Hayd, Beatriz Camacho Quadrio da Cunha Monteiro, Clara Catherine Monastirsky, David Herbert Wilhelm Schulz, Eduarda Marisa Lima Cerqueira, Emsal Mengus, Evrim Özgür Yilmaz, Fabian Jakob Faedrich, Filipp Iakushin, Jana Margarethe Hartmann, Lorenz Severin Andreas Pilot, Nicolas Josef Wormland, Pedro dos Santos Palavra, Parinoosh Parchami, Steven Morgulis, Sophie-Anne Val, Tele Ruth Mensah-Assiakoley, Yara Isabella Damerau

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