Project Type

Short Term


Prof. Iris Utikal

Guest Lecturer(s)

Dipl.-Des. Karen Donndorf


In the short-term project “Air Conditions“, supervised by Berlin-based guest lecturer Karen Donndorf, students of KISD in the summer term 2016 developed unconventional resolutions in order to improve the air quality of rooms.

Usually, nature provides us with a sufficient amount of non-polluted air. In highly industrialized countries, however, non-polluted air is getting scarcer and scarcer.

It was at least since the launching of the so called “particle emission“ sticker in Germany that the public debate on a good air quality in urban areas gained momentum – taking into consideration that not only megacities, but also small metropolitan regions can be the center of harmful air substances. Apart from being a concrete threat, it is also obvious that annoying and offensive odors have a negative impact on human beings. Thus, the project “Air Conditions“ addressed this issue and tried to propose solutions that complement standard procedures by other sophisticated techniques.

After the initial familiarization period, project participants defined key topics and split into teams in order to diversify ideas and to specify certain approaches such as natural or synthetic air cleaning or odor filtration.

In a next step, the stage of prototyping could begin in which students could draft and implement their ideas by means of sketching, modeling or 3D-visualizations. Finally, the results were presented at the KISD Friday presentation on June 10.